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The House on Spring Street

I was ask one time. "Dallas?. Do you believe in ghost?" My response was like this,and if ask today,it would be the same response. "No. I don't believe in 'em. But I do know they exist." I don't care for the word "ghost". A ghost is like someone dressed up with a sheet or something. The words,phantom,or entity,even poltergeist, works better for me. Which ever it is,there is one thing for certain. It's an unclean spirit,and is evil.

The words I am about to type,and the stories I'm about to tell,is true. Has true has another stories I have written. I was around 12 when this all took place. I remember it well.

Mom had been looking for a larger house for a long time. One afternoon the phone rang,it was granny. She told of a house over on spring street that a friend of here's had told her about.
So we all jumped in the car,and went to look at it.
The house was lots bigger then the one we were in at the time. It was two story house,large yard with lots of trees. The front porch was half has long has the house,and plenty room to sit out,and enjoy the evening,or when ever you might want to sit outside.
The inside of the house was of good size. A large living room. The kitchen was a little small,but Mom liked it,she said it was workable. The landlord was having the sink fixed,new water lines had to be put in,so that meant water would have to be brought in from the bathroom till that was fixed. Mom didn't look at that has being a reason to turn it down.
Off the kitchen was a back door. You opened it up and you were looking into a huge back yard.

Also off of the living room was the bathroom,and the two bedrooms. One bedroom was the biggest bed room I ever seen. The other one was of norm.size. The bathroom was,well,a bathroom.
The stairway was in the southwest corner of the living room,and up there one huge room. It was all open. This was where I wanted to sit up my makeshift art table,and just make it my room.
The floors were all very good. No soft spots. It was going to be great to call this home.
All in all there was 7 of us. Mom,Val,my older sister and her two,kids Todd and Cheryl.
Then there was Doug,my younger brother,Chris,my younger sister,and myself.
The house sit on a great big hill. Down from the hill was the city park,and the down town area of El Dorado Springs. It was going to be handy to go to town and do what ever ya needed to do. Really looked like the greatest place ya could think of.
Next door to us just about 40 feet to the West,was our nabor. The Fast. I was at this time I met Larry and Eddie Fast. It didn't take long to become friends with the two Fast boys. Has it turns out tho,Larry, and I would become running buddies,Eddie was a TV nut,Eddie being the oldest of the two,and more of a stick in the mud then Larry. Eddie and I was about the same age. But Larry and I like excitement,Eddie liked "Car 54 where are you." Thats an old t.v show just in case ya don't remember.
We moved in in the spring, just in time for Mom to plant her flowers. I worked in the yard,and got the place looking good. The first time something happened on the side of something being of the paranormal nature,was after I came in the house from working outside.
Mom called me into the living room,and ask if i would go get some bread for supper. I told sure,I can do that.
Mom was sitting down counting out the change for the bread. She went to hand me a quarter. I reached out to get it. somehow she misted my hand , and it fell toward the floor.
Somewhere between me and the floor, the quarter disappeared.
I looked at Mom..she looked at me. Neither of us said a word. She gave me another quarter,and i went,and got the bread.
Glean. My mentor in life. From the first time she came to see the house,wouldn't come in. She stayed outside. She just wouldn't go inside,and if she came to get me to go home with her. She would honk the horn of her car,and role up her window,and thats where she stayed.

The 2nd time something happened was a little more serious.
My cousin Edger was spending the night. I ask Mom if it would be ok if Larry,and Eddie came over and shot darts. Mom said yes,so Edgar and I went next door to ask them over.
The four of us was up stairs,having a world championship dart game. it was Edger's turn.
Eddie was sitting in a chair,far behind Edger. Larry was standing back to Edger,s left,I was between Edger and Eddie. Edger threw the dart. In space,has in how far the dart flew,I would say maybe 4 feet. Then it stopped,still, just sitting in mid air. It seem for ever,but in real time,was most likely a few sec.'s. Then has fast has Edger threw the dart,it turned,and made a u turn coming back toward Edger,Eddie,and me. Landing in Eddie's leg,sticking straight up.
The three of us ran to Eddie. Edger was almost sick. Eddie screamed like I'd never heard anyone scream before. I was shaking like I was standing out in the cold with nothing on.
"Eddie?!!" I yelled. "Come on,sit still man." I demanded. Looking up at Edger I ask if he was ok? Edger never said a word,he just stood there.
Larry was on the other side of Eddie. I was trying to think what to say. "Eddie? I have to pull that out." I said. "Will you be ok?" I ask. Eddie not saying a word,moved his head as in saying yes. "Would you rather do it?" I ask Eddie. "No." he replied.
I pulled the dart from Eddies leg,he almost passed out,but didn't. After a while of settling down we begin to talk.
first, what happened? "We all seen what happened." said Larry. "Yeah,we sure did." I reply. Edger told Eddie he was sorry about fourthly times. He said it so much i told him to stop it,we all seen what happened,thats not the thing to be concernd about. " How are we going to tell our Mom's how this happened?" I ask. Edger looked at me and said. "Dallas you know what will happen to me if mom and Dad thinks I did this." Larry looked at Edger and ask. "What will happen?" I looked at Larry and said. "He'll get the belt."
"Ok. I've got it. I did it. I dropped a dart,and it stuck in Eddies leg." I said. Eddie looked up at me and ask. "What will your Mom do?" "Oh.Scream a lot. Take the darts away for a year. I might not get to play baseball next week. But thats ok. I'll be ok."
Well..that settled that. I knew what mom would do, and I was right,she did just what I said she'd do. There was one thing we didn't count on. Eddies Mom.
She gave me an ear pounding ever time she seen me. But that was ok. I wasn't about to tell what happened.
The next time was mounts later. Eddie and I was playing catch in the back yard. I was going to be pitching in a game that was coming up,and i need to get ready.
Because I would be throwing harder then Eddie,I was standing with my back to the house, pitching to Eddie. Eddie would just toss the ball back to me,and i would catch it.
I was getting ready to pitch. My leg was in the air,I was standing on one foot,and the glass window behind me exploded.
I stood up right,and looked behind me. Glass was everywhere. Mom came running. "What did you boy's do? " she ask. mom? We didn't do that. We couldn't have done that. I have the ball." I said, has I showed her that it was still in my hand. She would have none of it. We did it and thats that.
I had had enough of this. "NO! Mom,we didn't do that. Look inside the house." I said loudly.
We walked into the back door. looking inside the house,there was no glass,it was all on the outside. Mom looking down at the floor,ask. " So?" "Mom?. If the ball was to have went and broke the window,there would be glass this side of the door. What ever broke the window,came from inside the house,not from out here." I said getting a little mad under the collier. " And besides. that window just didn't break. it flew apart. Look. theres glass clear out here." I said has I showed her. "Dallas Leroy? What are you saying?" She ask. "remember the time you dropped the quarter?" I ask her. "Yeah." she reply. "And the dart? I have news for ya Mom. I didn't do that either." Eddie walked over and said. "No Mrs. Brown,he really didn't drop a dart on my leg." Eddie said. Mom looking with wounder in her eyes ask. "Ok. What did happen?" she ask.
After telling Mom the dart story,all she could say was. "You both know where ya go for telling such things,right?"


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