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Each day there was something to put with. Small things,like things being placed out of place. Or a toy truck shooting across the room,you know, your everyday kind of thing.
This really got old fast,and sometimes ya just couldn't hold back from saying back off jack.
However. it only took a few times of talking back to what ever it was,to find out it had ears,and maybe feelings.
One Sunday night while watching tv. the channel changer switched to a different channel. Mom got down right nasty. After she said her her thing to IT,IT got real upset.
The power went off,and stayed off. Sitting in the dark we all decided to call it a night. IT didn't.
I slow moving breeze moved threw out the room. The street light from outside was was shinning threw the window. From it's light we could see each outer. We knew where everyone was sitting. The curtains that hung over the window,would slowly move from side to side,then you see them become still again. Not a sound, just air moving around.
"Kids?" Mom ask. "Are you all ok?" We all took our turn saying yes,and sitting still. Then the breeze stopped,the power came back on,and the tv was back on the channel Mom had it sit on.
It was a show of power. who's the boss? In other words.
This was just the beginning. There was no way knowing,that all these small things was adding up to something that will stick in my mind for has long has i live.
Mom started looking for another house. We all pitched in with that duty. One couldn't be found soon enough.
Edger had told his Mom and Dad what had happened with the dart. The next thing ya knew,the whole family knew about it,and that tear fully upset Mom.
Everyone started giving there ideas about what was going on. The sounds that were coming from the walls was squirrels in the walls. The air that everyone felt from time to time was coming from open windows. I can tell ya,in Jan. our windows were closed. maybe they opened there windows,I don't know,but ours were closed.
The sounds coming from the walls was one thing,but it jumped from wall to wall. The sound would move along the baseboards,and across floor. The squirrel must have been kin to "Rocky,the flying squirrel." No. This was no joke.
Across the street from us was a El Dorado policeman and his family. One night after getting off work.( Gean Taller,was his name) Gean heard something making a loud nose outside our house. Unknow to us,he was walking around the house trying to find out what was going on. he came to the door,and knocked,Mom went to the door. "Alice? Is everything ok?" Gean ask. "Come on in Gean." Mom said to him. Gean came in and Mom had him to sit down,she got him some coffee and he told us what he'd heard outside. Was no sirpprise to us,you might hear or see anything.
Has Gean was about to finish his coffee,he looked over toward the stairway door. he didn't say anything at first,he just kinda sit still,not taken his eyes off the door.
then he ask. "Who's your friend Alice? I don't think I've meet him." we all turned and looked toward the door,none of us seen a thing. Mom didn't know what to do.
I can only go by the words Gean said,and maybe make out what was going on between Gean,and IT. To my knowage. Gean Taller was the only person to see IT.
Only a few sec.s would pass,and Gean wished who ever IT was, a good night.
Then he said. "That upstairs comes in handy I bet when ya have company." He sit down his cup and thanked Mom for the coffee. We all said good night to him,and he went across the street.
Mom closed the door and said. " Ok thats it. Get your things kids,we are out of here."
Was a good idea at the time. Wish thats what would have taken place.
Val looked at mom and ask. "Where are we going? It's in the middle of the night. You want me to get the kids dressed,and go where?"
Mom sit back down,head in her hands,crying. She said. "We can't keep this up. We can't live like this." She cry,I cry,we all cry.
Time past without a glitch. Was long enough for ya to think maybe IT was gone.
One night during the week,Loyd, ( Edgers dad) stopped by. We were all excited to see him. i ask how Edger was,had been a while scene I'd seen him. Everyone was fine he told us. Loyd hadn't been long enough to drink a cup of coffee,when all hell broke loose.
The gas lines running from the cook stove,ran outside to,two good sized gas bottles. These things are very heavy,I mean heavy.
Loyd was sitting in a chair with it's back to the east wall. When all at once. it sounded like the east wall was being moved. Loyd jumped up and turned around facing the wall. I moved to the center of the room. Mom and the kids huddled close together. "Dallas? come on." Loyd demanded. We ran out the front door,and turned the corner of the house. the gas bottles were off the cement pad,and sitting I would have to guess,2 feet from the pad. The gas lines to the house,was pulled tight. "My god. I thought someone ran into the house with a truck." said Loyd. "We better look at these lines. run out to the truck and get me the flash lite." he said. I went and got the light. Loyd checked out the lines,everything was ok.
"What the hell moved these tanks? How would someone move 'em?" he ask "Theres no way one person could do it and be gone. Theres no way two people could do it." he added.
Going back inside,he looked at Mom. "Do you and the kids want to come out to the house tonight Alice?" he ask. "I can bring ya back in the morning,if ya want." he said.
"Get your things kids,we're going with uncle Loyd." said Mom.


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