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Well, now the squirrel story was ended. That was put to rest. Mom wasn't nuts with a bunch of kids,living in some big old house on a hill. Now,after a year of going threw all that we'd gone threw,everyone knew it was for real. Thanks to Loyd.

After that all happened,it was time for IT to rest,I guess. Mouths past and there was nothing. Oh. Well. I forgot one thing. The shadows.

Sometimes over by the front door we would see a shadow pass between us. Was like a reminder. I'm still here.

The shadow stopped coming around,all was good. nothing had happened in a long time.

One night there was a knock at the door. I got up and opened the front door and no one was there. Well this went on and on. So,getting a little tired of this,i stayed by the door. Sure enough,the knock came.

Now all this time I'm thinking Larry trying to pull a good one on us. It's not that he had done that before. Yeah,right. Every chance he'd get, is all.

The knock came,I reached for the door,and real fast i opened it up,jumped out and real loud said. " Got'ch ya!!"

Now there comes a time when we all mess up,and wish we could move backwards,but we can't. This was my time to mess up,and boy did I ever.

With my arms open wide,and lunging forward,I grabbed a lady going door to door selling stuff. She just happened to be at the wrong place,and I was in the wrong time.

Looking eye to eye,and mouths open wide,we both let out such a scream never heard before. My arms locked around her,my mind was still thinking Larry. I couldn't move.

It was like i was in a holding pattern. Then the lady said to me. "Would you please,let me go!" Awwwww...I cant tell you how I felt,or didn't feel,either way,I was cooked.

Mom ran over to the both of us,and pry me off. I turned fast and melted. "I am so sorry. I thought you were a nabor friend of mine playing a joke on us. I am so very sorry." I said to her. After pulling herself together she said " Oh don't worry about it. I'm fine."

Glad she was.

After the woman grabbing thing,there was nothing.

At the down town theater,PT-109 was playing. It was a Friday night. Will never forget it.

Edger was spending the night. We ate supper,and took off for the show.

The movie started at 7p.m. and was out seems like a little after 10p.m.

The walk from the theater,to home wasn't long. We were at the house by 10:30 or just a little after.

Has we walked home,there was no way knowing,that what was about to take place,would

place fear inside ever heart in that house. The stage was sit. Things were in place. IT was ready.

I reached for the door knob,and was ready to walk inside,but the door wouldn't open,it was like it was locked.

I knocked on the door and said. "Mom? Mom? The doors lock,lets us in." no response. I could hear the t.v. so I went to the window,knocked on it. Still no one came. Edger tried the door,it opened. We walked in,Mom was sitting there watching t.v. "Mom? didn't you hear me knock on the door?" All she had time to do was look up at me,there was no time to respond.

Val was in bed a sleep. Then like a wild woman she came running out of the bed room,holding her head,screaming. "Take it off,take it off." she screamed. then just has fast she stopped. there was a moment of nothing. the lights flickered,then came knocking sounds,all around the wood work,moving faster,and faster.

The breeze came back,but was stronger,and this time it had a sheepish smell to it.

The sound was every where.going across tables,and any thing that was wood,it knocked on.

Mom had done some ironing that day. The ironing board was leaning against the wall.

the only room that didn't have sounds coming from it was Mom and Vals bedroom. thats were we were headed,till the lights went out.

the sound was defining,and it moved so fast.

the upstairs door opened and closed,like 2 to 3 times. Then the lights came on. i was still standing where I was when edger and I first came in the house. or there about. Edgar was gone.

we looked everywhere,and couldn't find him. then i happened to look at the ironing board,and seen his knee. Somehow he got between the board and the wall.

Some time had passed,and there was nothing. mom said for Edger and I to sleep in her bed,that she would sleep on the couch.

Edger was in bed,covered up. I was walking to the bed room,and it hit again. Scared i ran to the bedroom. I remember jumping on the foot for the bed heading to the head of the bed,when all at once I was covered in sheep wool. it's the only way i can tell ya. i don't know how else to say it. And it smelled like sheep,felt like it's wool too. yelling to the top of my lungs,I couldn't tell if I was still moving or not,IT had me.

Just has fast it was gone. The sounds came back, just has loud has before.

Then. It was over.

The next day mom went over to granny. They found a house. Everyone in the family was there to move us out. before the day was done,we had moved.

In, I think 1977 or 78 the house on spring street burned to the ground.

Larry still lived with his Mom next door to the house. They were there when it burned.

I was in The Army at the time.

so all I have to go on is hear say. but take it from the folks that told me,like me, you can trust them to be true ful.

Larry and his Mom told me,that when it burned,the flames went straight up in the air,and it fell fast. The odd thing about it was, has close has they were to the fire,they couldn't feel any heat.

Larry and I walked over the the old house place. I ask how long did it take 'em to get the mess cleaned up,knowing sometimes the el do fire dept. takes it's time in doing things.

Larry said. " There was no mess. It looks the same right now has it did when it burned."

Looking around,you couldn't tell there had ever been a house there. not even a sandstone from the foundation was there. It was gone. Has in poof.

Of all the trees around the house,not one was burned,or scorched. it looked like a place ready to put a house on.

Ross Tolover,a member of the El Dorado Springs fire dept. showed me the report.

According to the fire report. the electric. had been disconnected mounts before the fire. The gas company had pulled the gas lines and the same time,has the electric. was disconnected.

This was done buy the home owner. The owner was a dentist. Dr. Short. he died 4 mouths before the fire. He had no family.

Ross told me the fire was so out of control,they stood by and let it go,making sure nothing else was damaged. he too told of how the flames went straight up,and how it fell so fast,and was gone.

Man in all his wisdom will never figure out all that is around us. We see things we can't explained,and we either make fun of,or turn away from.

There are those things we need not mess with. the door that could be opened could lead to nowhere.

by dallas brown oct 23 07


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