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The Slide

It was an early morning. Sky was clear. I was all excited. Edger and Loyd was comeing to go fishing with Dad and me.
Smileing ,and day dreaming,I was getting things all ready. Poles all lined up,bate can full of worms,everything was set,ready to go.
Standing in the front yard,out by the gate,I watched the road,and sure enough,I seen dust headed my way. I couldn't see the truck,or car with all the dust,but I was sure it was them.
Yep,it was. I was on cloud nine to see Ed.
We said our hi's and the time spent away from eachother didn't matter,we were glad to see eachother and that ment the world to us.
Seems like it took for ever for Dad,and Loyd to stop talking about all the fish they were going to catch,and woundering what the water was like. We all knew it was wet.
I told Ed it wont be long. Mom will get tired of the guys sitting in her kitchen,and talking about the same thing over,and over. She did,and here they came after 8 cups of coffee each.
The walk to cedar creek was a long one. I was harder on Ed and I then it was the other two. We had to carie everything.
I remember Dad,and Loyd was a head of us a ways. Dad turned around and said we reminded him of two girls. GIRLSSS? Nawww. He said we were slow,and talked to much.
TALK? Yeah,ok. Like we sit at the table TALKING for 3 hours.
We got to the creek,and the water was no surprise to me. It was their,and it was wet.
However. It didnt look good to them,so down stream we went. Poles all tanggled in brush,bate can turned over. Either Loyd or Dad let go of a low hanging limb,and it like ta took Edgers head off. Oh he ducked. I didn't.
We finily got to some flat rocks that that they decided looked good. Loyd said "yeah leroy,this looks good." I leaned over to Ed and ask "Whats rocks got ta do with fish'en?"
Everyone got there lines in the water. Now. Flat rocks,in the sun,and right by the water,is not a good place to sit. The rocks becam has hot has an oven. Something had to give.
Ed and I decided we'd had enugh of this. It was time to go see what there was to see.
We found a grape vine,and took our knifs and cut it. I remember laughing hard. "Whats so doggone funny?" Ed ask. "You. That time you was acting like Tarzan and went out your window. I'll never forget that has long has I live." "Hey!" he said. "That wasn't funny."
We gave up on the vine,it was getting hot. There was no air in the woods at all,so we went back to the flat rocks. Dad and Loyd was gone. Edger yelled,no reply.
"Where the heck did they go to?" I ask. "Got me." Edger said has we both looked up and down the creek. "Looks like we're on our own Dal." Ed said smileing. "Yeah it sure does. Sure is hot." I said.
"Hey? Look over their. Looks like a branch runs into the creek." Ed said then paused. "Bet it's not veary deep." He finshed saying. "Hum. Look at the bank. Would make a great slide."
I said with a smile. "Oh my. It sure would." Edger said with all kinds of excitment in his voice.
Takeing off our shoes,and pants and everything but our shorts,we hit the water.
Splashing water up on the bank,which was clay. made a hot day cool.
We had a blast. But the one thing we didnt think of was. Getting to the top of our slide.
Being wet to the bone,and trying to get up the bank,was not easy. Laughing,muddy,and full of life,we had more fun trying to get out of the water then we could have ever hoped for.
After trying many different times to get up to the top,we finily made it.
Ed hit the top of the slide and was gone. SPLASH!!! "WOW!!" Was the responce.
I sit down,and before I was ready,I was flying down the bank like wild wind. I hit the water and oh my gosh was that fun.
Even tho the two of us acted like there was no one elce in the world,there was. Loyd,and Dad.
Sitting in the water,we heard talking. Then we heard brush moveing just up stream. Hum.
We jumped up and got our things,and hi taled it up the branch.
"Damn Ed. My shorts are tore." I said has I put my pants on. "They cant see thu 'em." Ed reminded me.
All at onece,we heard a yell from hell. Then the biggest splish I ever did hear. Then came words not fit for a bar.
"Holy shit! What the hell?" It was Loyd. He found the top of the slide.
I could hear Dad laughting back in the brush somewhere.
Loyd was not laughing.
"Gawddamnd kids. EDGAR!!!!!!!. Where the hell are you?" We peeked around a tree,and Loyd was chest deep in muddy water.
Now I'm not sure,but to this day i think Dad done this of his own will,has to break the ice if ya will.
Down the slide he came. He hit the water and came up like a shot. bounched up on the other bank. Loyd started laughing. " Those little f--kers! I'll kill 'em both." I looked at Ed,he looked at me. "Did you hear that?" Edgar ask.
"Awwwwummmmm. I did." I replyed.
Scared to death,we didnt want to come out,but we did,with dry duds.
"Dad?" Edger said has we sit down on the bank looking down at the both of them.
"Dont you even say a word boy." Loyd shouted. "You stay right their. You move your ass and I'll never stop till your dead." Now. The fun was just starting.
Hu uhh. They had to get up the bank too.
Hey. I never said a word. I was woundering what Dad was thinking.
Loyd tryed frist. Nope. Didnt make it. Dad tryed next,and ya know what? He was half goat.
Had to have been. He made it,and that made Loyd even madder.
Dad went back down,and stuck out his hand to help Loyd out,and guessed it....Ed and I went and got that grape vine we'd cut. Ran it down the bank,and Loyd came up,then Dad.
By the time Loyd got to the top of the bank,he was done to tired to do anything.
The four of us sit on the creek bank that afternoon,and laughed. Loyd told one storie,then It was Dads turn.
It was plumb dark by the time they finished talking.
On the way back to the house. Ed and I was way ahead of them. Unlike the trip TO the creek.

In my mind i still see the old house,and the lamp Mom would sit in the window. I smell the home made cooking,and hear the sounds of the hills around us.
What a time it was.