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The Home Coming

Mary Jane Evans, as far back as she can remember, had the biggest crush on John Mc'Clendon..... even when he was a scrawny little kid pulling her pigtails in grade school. They lived in a small town in the eastern mountains of Tennessee called Fountain Run, Tennessee. Not a lot happened here, just everyday living and as the years passed still not a lot happened here but a factory had started up.... Called Beasley's Paper Mill. A lot of the local residents found work there and so did Mary Jane. She was secretary to Mr. Beasley the founder of the paper mill. She became Mr. Beasley's secretary, right out of high school.... beating out a few of the local girls, that also applied for the job. She was very happy to get it as there was a shortage of jobs for young women there in Fountain Run. So a lot of the young people moved away some to find work some to go to collage.

She will never forget the day that John told her he was going away to collage to become a Veterinarian. Her heart sank.. and he could see the reaction. They had spent some time together over the years of growing up and every once in awhile John would try and steal a kiss. She was hopelessly in love with John but wondered about him sometimes and how he was, with all the other girls, that were after him. Now it was over, he was leaving and would surely find someone else, while he was away at collage. She stiffened her upper lip and said, " have yourself a good time while you are away at collage John. Take care and study hard." She turned away and started to walk off as John said hold up Mary Jane.... he quickly grabbed her arm and swung her around to him... with a mischievous grin on his face .... he said, "what no kiss good bye for me." He then kissed her and said, "I will remember you Mary Jane.". she said, "sure you will John." and turned and walked off. Mary Jane, thought of nothing else but John for the next few weeks and when she was about to stop thinking of him.... a letter came. It was from John... he told her all about collage and how tough it had been to get use to in the beginning, and that he had wanted to write before now, just couldn't get the gumption up, to do it. Mary Jane answered him back telling him that not much was going on in Fountain Run and that Matt Crawford and Sue Ellen Smith had gotten married and was living out in Sleepy Hollow... and was expecting their first child. John wrote back and said, "that Matt was always a fast mover."

A couple of years passed and nothing seemed to change John wrote about collage and Mary Jane wrote about the happenings in Fountain Run. One day Mary Jane, went to work and found out that Mr. Beasley had hired a new man from out of town to help him run the paper mill. His name was Brad Turner. She and Brad hit it off right away he was not what you would call handsome but was a nice man and she liked him. They started dating ... went to the monthly dances together. to the Saturday afternoon cinema and to all the picnics that seemed to happen in their small community. They actually spent a lot of time together but John was never far from her mind and the letters kept flying back and forth.

One day, Mary Jane was walking down the street and almost ran right into John, she almost stammered all over herself being so surprised to see him. She said, " when did you get back are you back for a visit.. He said not a visit Mary Jane I'm back hanging up my shingle.... so to speak. She said, "welcome home John and good luck with your new shingle. They both laughed. John said, " it sure is great to see you ... you are so beautiful and I have thought of nothing but coming back and getting to see you. Thank you, for all the letters, over the years that has been the only thing, that has kept me going at times. She looked at him as their eyes met... and said, " it was my pleasure John." She continued to date Brad and John.

About six months had passed and there was a big tug of war going on in Mary Jane's heart...In the end there was not much to be said as she was quietly married and settled down to a life of happiness. She had been married a week when she went out to set on the front porch to let dinner finish cooking and await her new husband.

It was late afternoon, and Mary Jane when she sat down in a rocking chair on the front porch. Dinner sure did smell good cooking in the house. The aroma waffling out to her.... made her so hungry .... she thought she could eat a bear. She sat there, for awhile letting her self reflect back on the events of the last few days...when she looked up the road and saw her brand new husband ridding up the road to her. A sweet grin, crossed her face, as she jumped up to make sure dinner was ready, for him when he got home.

When he walked through the door... he grabbed her and swung her around and kissed her deeply and said, Mrs. Mc' Clendon dinner sure smells good and I'm starving. She giggled and said John I sure do love you honey. John said, love you to Mary Jane. They lived a long and happy life together ... raising six children and 14 grandchildren. Thus went their life together In the Mountains of Eastern Tennessee.


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