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It's one of those gray dismal days, where the clouds are hanging low and there is a tremendous chill in the air. You know for certain it will be snowing before night fall. And you can hardly wait because you love it so much. The snow looks so white and pristine when it comes down, almost as if it is purifying the earth and making every thing new again. It had seemed, a long time since anything had seemed pristine in Natalie's young life... ever since that day her life stood still and her breath caught in her throat. Such a silly girl, to see a man and fall so deeply in love with him, that she can not think of no one or anything else.

Natalie and her family was attending a party at a close family friends...The Waterson's... there were to be a lot of different people there and Natalie did not want to go, for it was to be an engagement party and the announcement of the up coming marriage of their daughter and she was simply not interested. Something Natalie never intended to do, for some time to come.

They were there early and she was taking a stroll in their beautiful garden. She was walking down this path and turned the corner when she was looking away and ran into someone. She looked around and she was amazed, as her heart seemed to stop and time stood still ... it seemed like

she couldn't breath. He was saying so sorry are you all right... you can start breathing ... She was looking at the most handsome man she had ever seen and he was still holding her.

He held oh to her as she seemed shaken as he said my name is William. Somehow she seamed to say my name is Natalie... she wasn't sure. He took her arm as he guided her along. He seemed to like her to as all he could do was star at her. They talked for what seemed like a very long time and she couldn't believe, she was acting this way .... she didn't even know this man. William turned Natalie towards him and said you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met and she leaned forward, to kiss him on the cheek and thank him for saving her, from a fall. When he turned his face their lips met ... so sweet and grew with such intense passion, that Natalie was totally shaken. These were feelings, that she didn't know existed. He let her go and said forgive me then turned and quickly walked away. She hollered after him it's OK William see you again. She was confused and couldn't believe how forward she had been. What must that man think?

They were all out in the garden, at the party waiting for the new prospective bride to show and when she did she was stunning. It was a beautiful party now and Natalie even had a dance with William, as her heart was pounding out of her chest and he did seem to be holding her far to tight. Natalie told herself, this is who I'm going to marry, and was so enthralled with the prospect she was unaware of what was taking place when Mr Waterson started to talk and introduced his wife and said we are delighted to announce the engagement of our daughter Patricia to Mr William Cartwright. If there hadn't been a chair, for her to set in, then she would have set, on the ground. That is when their eyes met and she lost Faith in everything, she had ever hoped for. He saw a tear, escape down her face and felt so bad knowing he had put it there.

Somewhere, somehow Natalie managed to stay put together long enough to leave the Waterson's telling her family she was sorry but was afraid she had taken ill. She met him one other time after that, as he attempted to explain, that he had been so taken back by her beauty and sweetness and that he was sorry. Natalie couldn't say anything no more than she could stop a tear that was running down her cheek. He realized that she was deeply in love with him and he also noticed the hollow look in her eyes and realized how much weight she had lost. From that day forward she was never from the most important thing on his mind.

William also come to one startling realization that he was deeply in love with Natalie and that is when he called the engagement off with Patricia. Then headed to talk to Natalie and her father.

Natalie was stunned when she saw William Cartwright coming up their driveway and she headed out the back door as she heard him ask to talk to her dad. What did he want with her dad all she knew is that she couldn't stand to be with him, knowing it would be for the last time, before he was to be married. So she didn't even get a coat just headed out in the barren garden not caring that it was freezing.

The ending of the story

Natalie , quickly leaves the house, not wanting to be there when he comes through the door... not wanting anyone to see her tears because it's the last time she will ever see him. Her heart is breaking as she goes and the tears are streaming down her lovely little face. He is taking a ship to America in 4 days and the Waterson's Family is going and of course their beautiful daughter Patricia . She just drops in her tracks and sets there sobbing... wishing she had never met him. William Cartwright was going away to never be seen again and now is the time to get use to it. She was sobbing so loudly that she didn't hear the footsteps behind her.

Natalie jumped ,when she heard William, call out Natalie I came to find you before.... He came around to the front of her and helped her up at the same time ask why are you crying. Natalie said everything will be alright you will be gone soon and you and Patricia will be very happy in America. He crushed her to him and said, " you silly little nit... I'm not going to America without you... I want you to come with me as my bride. We will set sale in 4 days.... you can be ready can't you? She looked at him in utter, amazement and he knew then, that she really didn't know how much, he loved her from the first time he set eyes on her. William looked deep into her eyes and said, " Sweetheart, I Love you and want to live the rest of my life with you.. So will you marry me and make me the happiest man on earth?" Still in shock she said, "OH Yes, I will marry you William and be ready before Wednesday , with enough time to get married before we set sail. He smiled as he drew her to him as he gave her a very deep passionate kiss... the kind that she had never had before... it made her have those wonderful warm feeling's that she never knew she could have ...... and quickly responded. He knew then, that he had chosen, the right one for him.

The End