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The Coach Hostess....
Well folks ,from time to time  ,I will tell you stories  of my
Work  as a coach hostess, ........
I was trained to  be with the public at all times in emergencies
And  other things they wanted to tell me , and folks I was told
Some funny things sometimes ,I can tell you some...
First  I had to have  my  photo taken in  black suit white blouse and  shoes.....my boss paid for all this , he was
A Italian  man , and rather groovy,  his son and daughter
Worked  at the services ,owned by Granada,and I had met
His wife as well...
Their was a magazine for the coach drivers, called On The
Road, and my photo was in there... It ended up that all the coach drivers had my pic,in there wallet lol...
Some  of my stories are funny and some are not, like you
Had to take the rough with the smooth..this one  I will tell
This  double Decker  coach came in , and  it was called
Smiths  abroad coaches.. lol....operated by  1 father and his
Three sons.. Who  thought they were gods gift to women
   These  three sons were known as sailors abroad... Right devils,   well on this day  they approached me ,and said you
Must  give us your help...I went with them to the coach
And  they have sleeping  comparment underneath , where
1 sleeps while the other one drives... And low and behold
They opened it  to me ,and there was a naked women in there ,stark  nakid , and quite pretty,, it was obvious  by the smell she had  more then one drink...she was out  like a light
   I looked at her making sure no rope wrist marks was on
Her as I knew  what games these 3 brothers played with
Women and  were not nice in my opinion....Well what you
Going to do with her they asked me ... Take her back
Where you got her from.. That's the trouble one of them
Said we don't know.... I knew this coach was heading
For the continent  and would be searched at Dover....
And they would get in serious trouble... This time I did not
Help then  I walked off in disgust...Sort it out yourself I said
Might make you understand  that a lot of ppl around here
Are fed  up  with you three  and your women..and your prostitutes .. Them ppl on coach pay for a good holiday
Not to see  3 idiots playing around with  someones feellings like you three play ,  you hit on  on a holiday maker and she
Feels   she is special , till the truth comes out... So this time
The ball is in your court , and  I walked away from 3
Red faced men lol....
Some  women tho I will say  go in groups on  these holidays to the Costa de Sol..  Most are married,, and I wonder what
There husbands would say  if they evcr found out ,that
Most sleep  with Romeo's they have met abroad ,in bars
Its a wonder they don't get aids....
Now  I had  a coach man that loved himself  lol..really did
And he was always coming on to me.. So on this trip
As the group of women got off the coach , I  told  them
His room no  ,..hee hee... Well he kept talking  to them
Over the intercom while driving . Saying rather smutty  things to them... ...So I thought I would  help him on his merry way. lol......At three o clock in the morning  there
Was a banging  at my door.. I opened it to find him covered in lipstick..  And   no shirt  lol... And I could see he was in no mood  ,he was mad as hell.I cooly asked  what do you want  to borrow my blouse.. He  marched past me sat on my double bed and took his shoes off, and said to me im sleeping here,as u told all them women  where my room was,and I have to drive so  ,.so what be darned I said
This is my room bugger off. Lol.. All he  said  night
Hey I said im not sleeping with you.. .go back to your own room... No way,  he said and I said you can sleep in that chair , I will get you a blanket....no way he said. You made this mess so you sleep in the chair.. . Well I  tried to get
Comfy in the darned chair but I was really cold.  So I thought I know  I will put a barrier between me and him
So got pillows  from cupboard and put them down the middle of bed.. And silently got in my side of the bed
And someone said cold are we dear.. Grrrrrrrrrrrr I said
And when I woke up the pillows had gone and   his  arm was around  me. ,  and I was nice and warm. .I was not happy about situation but I guess I had brought it on myself lol...but   a few months later he play a right  one on me
And I will tell you what he played later on.....
All for now from jaquies  coachin  days...god be with youme  with one of the coaches talking to ray the driver....gosh he was a tall man

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