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Well i was getting out the army and need a job .I put in for goverment service job.Soon got a reply back to go to federial building to take a test.I took exame didn,t seem hard to me so was shure past it ,and with my service reckord shure get job..I got call in few mouths later and ask to pick one job from list ,i took prison guard because it was close to where i live..It turn out be womens prison.cann,t be too bad [ its women] i thought..

THE first day i draw my uniforms and gun,cuffs and mace and night stick,and the orantiation was some thing else.It showed all mistakes guards made and what happen to them,[I was kicking my self in ass for think this be easy job,boy did i make a mistake].First day on job went by group women they whisle and made all kinds gestures ,and shouted [new meat,here it is baby]with a obseen jestures towards there bottom half]I didn,t know it then they gave me a kick name on growns as [sweet cheeks],and they wasn,t refering to my face..

after been on job i was gaurding presioners,at garment factory they were makeing uniforms for border patrol. I heard a scream and turn around a woman had her hand cought in machine that press buttons together at waste line ,i work on machines enough before been drafted ,that i hit emergency button the machine stop,turn off power and turn it back own and machine open back up.,we got her hand out it had some broke bones in it but it was still atach to arm that was big plus.She was a nice build woman with abundance of chest,close to 5 ,10 and about 135lbs good size lady..I was repremanded for getting involve with the emergency . they said let my guard down and could been desasterious.[guess they did care that i save her hand ].

Couple days later i was working with guard that was friendly with me in cell block [c] his name was DEAN.He had the doors and locks and i did the walk threw.I started down right side check and doing head count . All were in racks , so did the turn around and first cell i came to was her cell one with broke hand .I ask her how was the hand,and she haveing lot pain.she said no its doing just fine,so walk up corder when almost got to end i heard a voice from other end ,[GOOD NIGHT SWEET CHEEKS].My face turn red and there was small hehehe all over cell block.Dean open the door he was hahah too i said you say one word ill use this night stick on you..

Dean heard a disturbance on day and when he went in the kitchen and when he went threw door he got hit with rolling pin,and he was down for the count .I mist him when couldn,t fine him at his post so went to check see if he got coffee .Just as i turn corner good i run right in to them.They fired before had chance get hoster cleared .hitting me in right arm and i drop gun on floor ,I was trying to get it with left hand when some hit me with chair ,i was out.They pick up my gun and tryed to rush the door and left me behind.Next thing i knew i was in this room and the lady i got out machine was holding me and cleaning my cut up.

SHE HAD GRAB ME AND PULL ME IN A CLOSET WHERE THE PUMPS WERE FOR THE WATER SUPPLY .THEN LOCK THE DOORS BEHIND US .It was steel door heavy and good lock on it and rest prisoners were banging on door trying to get in..They had dean and they tied him down to kitchen table on his back and was trying to make him give into them.they couldn,t get out kitchen mest hall complex so he was hostage.i could here what going own because he was close to us.

they wanted sex from him and he was refuseing to give in..Well they told him if you don,t we beat your meat with this tenderizer hammer.then there was loud bang on table dean says ok ,ok ,ok,,..well it went own all night with dean ,the hold cell block had him even the beast she weight 500 lbs .. settle down on him hear table creek and grown.

well i had jannia thats what she said her name was.her husband cheated i,r,s, on taxes ,in joint busness .when feds got after them he took all money got out country. left her to face music alone..Well she got 2 years .SHE BANAGE MY ARM FROM PIECE HER BRAW.She was nice ,[boy what set hooters]need less while dean was getting abuse over table i had it lot better.and it was consential .even thow they tryed servial time to break in ,they didn,t make it ,i also re-enforce the door with servial pieces pipe. Early in morning the feds broke in and put down the revolt,and rescue dean and when i heard them i open the door and came out.janna was with me when made my report i pointed out how much she save me from harm..My arm was damage bad broken or shatered bone in it ,so was given disability and turn out ,,dean spent three weeks in hospital for over sex ..hahaha hell way get into hospital

I been retired on disability with my army and prison pention i was doing fine ,bought a old car and restored it to look like one elvis bought for his mother it was [PINK]1956 catty.

woke up one morning the phone as ringing .it was dean he said hey you know jannia getting out to day .i said no what time they reliese them he said about 9 am. i said ill be there.

at 9 am i was there at front gate when they walk out ,get own buss to go to buss station,and jannia was seckond one out the door.I step up and ask jannia you want to ride with me . she said yes [i like that ] so she climb in front seat of my truck.,and went towards town,i ask her if she had any place to go ,she said no ,i said got job and place for you to stay if you want to stay here.she said that would be nice .so when got to my house ,i pull up into drive way and show her the place ,,then show her the 56 pink catty,and told her i got to go get some grocerys ,but the keys to catty in top right desk , and 500 dollars , and the job is taken care of me ,if you choose to go some where else the 500 get away money and the catty is your too for saveing me ..

i went got grocerys ,not knowing if she bethere or not , when got back i hit the door to open it and i heard this [IS THAT YOU SWEET CHEEKS ? AND I ANSWER YES HONNEY AND SHE STEPT OUT IN NIGHTIE THAT WAS SEE THREW ,BOY][NOW I REMEBER THOSE HOOTERS ,the grocerys stayed on front poorch untill next morning.