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My name is Sandra but most of you know me as Sandy Phx AZ, or the new Nick of Sandy I have been a chatter on Senior Site since September 29, 2005. It has been my great pleasure to meet so many wonderful and talented people and is very hard to describe what each of you mean to me. Trust me, dear friends, you are much more than a name that pops on my computer screen. You have become part of my heart.

I was born February 6, 1939 in a little town called Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee and was introduced into the southern culture, so to speak until I moved to Phoenix at the age of 13. Where I still live. I am a divorced/widow (try figuring that out hehe) and have four living children ... thirteen grandchildren and three great grand children. I raised my children alone often flying by the seat of my pants and wondering how I was going to make it. But with Gods help and a wee bit of luck, I managed to get the job done. My oldest daughter,. Tena is married to Scott and they have two children Marc and Jordan. For anyone that would like to see what Tena's life work is please feel free to Google her ... Tena Alonzo. My oldest son Dan lives in Gallitan, Tennessee with his wife Tami. They have a daughter K eana and a son Lance. Lance just gave me my third great and his name is Tucker My middle son is Kent and he lives in Peoria, Arizona lol only about 20 minutes from me with his wife Jeanette.. Kent and Jeanette have four children Brandon, Kristina, Chanel and Lewie. Brandon gave me my second great grand child Taylor. The next in line is Jeff he was and still is in his heart married to my daughter Kim, that we lost in 1994. They have four children Heather, Randi (a girl) Lacy and Andrew..... Randi gave me my first great grandchild. Brandon. My youngest son is Jason is engaged to Megan and are planning a wedding next year. Jason gave me my thirteenth grand child Bradley that he so kindly named for my son Bradley that I lost at two years and 19 days old in 1971. Now if you have made it through this Gemology you are doing good.

Here are a few curiosities about me .... now, now and no you can not add what you think is Curious about me..... lafffffffffffin.

Favorite Movie: African Queen... with Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart.

Favorite Song: Dreaming My Dreams With You by Christal Gail

Favorite Religous Song: How Great Though Art

Gift To My Family and Those That I Love: My Unconditioal Love

One Thing That I Would Like To Do: Is Find My Rocking Chair Buddy.

Who ever you are ... better hurry up....really do need you.