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Six months

I was so young with so much to give
Until the doctor said six month to live.

I couldn't believe it but he said for sure
I had waited to long now there is no cure.

Now as I look my life over, I see
That I was my own worst enemy.

Six months isn't long to undo the wrongs I've done,
But maybe in that time I can undo at least one.

I've broken every comanment in the holy book of laws.
Please Lord,forgive me of my sins and flaws.

I have failed as a mother and at marriage twice.
Now it is only fair that I should pay the price.

Please let me find a love that is pure and true,
Before I walk up them Golden stairs to you.

Don't offer me pity or sympathy
For me life held all tragedy.
What will happen to my children when I have gone?
Who will teach then right from wrong?

who will hear their prayers and chase away there fears?
hear their jolly laughter and wipe away there tears.

For the hurt I've caused I ask forgiveness [please]!
Let me leave this world with my mind at ease.

Try to remember it is better to love then hate,
And that you are never sorry until to late.

Don't feel sorry when I leave for the great somewhere.
I'll never be lonely and all alone when I get there.

My hand has started shaking, the pain is getting worse.
I feel myself weaken,will be my last verse.

My last words I have to say
Don't let it be my children that have to pay .

Please spare them from the life I have led.
Let them think kindly of their mother now dead.

Gloria ......aka free spirit