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Hi everyone. My name is Joe. I live in a town, called Nenagh which is situated in Southern Ireland. I was born 67 years ago under the shadow of the majestic Rock of Cashel in County Tipperary.
Cashel being the place of my birth, I spent my early years there before moving, to Nenagh, 40 miles away, to take up employment in the early 60’s.
The Rock of Cashel is world-famous as a tourist attraction. It dates from the fourth century and was once the seat of the High Kings of Munster. It was the seat of our most famous Irish High King, Brian Boru, who, at the age of 72, led his armies to defeat the Danes at the battle of Clontarf in County Dublin, on Good Friday in 1014. Brian, his son, and his 15 year-old grandson perished in the battle, but this, the most famous battle in Irish history ended the Viking occupation of Ireland.
When I look at this edifice now, I think of the many times I passed it as a youngster without a second glance on my way to school at Cashel Christian Brothers. That is of course, on the days I did pass it. Truthfully, many unproductive days were spent there when I should have completed the journey to school.
However, the error of my ways caught up with me and I returned to education as a mature student in later years to the NIHE {National Institute of Higher Education}, Limerick, to complete a course in financial and management accounting.
Following bypass surgery in 2004, I decided to become semi retired and I now work on a much lesser scale.
I was married to my wife, Anna, for 30 happy years, but after a long illness, she died in 1998. I have four surviving step children who are near and dear to me and twelve grandchildren.
I found the early years of being single again very hard to bear but now with the help of my family and friends and my very dear internet friends, I have become used to living alone. I can honestly say that, while I may be alone, thanks to my computer and my internet friends, I am never lonely.
My first ever visit to a chat room was in mid 2005 when I found my way into SS2. There I met Judy who was later to become my very dear friend. We have formed a unique and everlasting friendship, which has grown to encompass our two families.
Judy and her husband, Tom, came to visit me at my home in Nenagh, last year, and, by kind invitation of Tom and Judy, I have just recently spent a wonderful time with them at their home in Minnesota.
For many years, my main hobby has been clay pigeon shooting (inanimate targets – not to be confused with live birds). I have represented Ireland at this sport and also my province of Munster. For many years, I served on the committee of the National Association for the sport and I became their honorary treasurer in 1992. In later years I became secretary of the association, a position I held until I retired in early 2005. I have now completely retired from the sport.
I wish to thank Splitfinger for his kindness in allowing me a page to publish my pictures and bio. Thank you Split and I wish you every success with your room.


joe from irland