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Tropicana from Florida

Born in Pontiac, Michigan Jan 7, 1944 and lived a very quiet life until I went to college. I read constantly, read all the books in my local library. I started working in the library nights and this and being church organist paid for 5 years of college & graduate school.

College was a new life for me, my happiest years. Traveled for the first time in the Midwest showing borzoi which my husband and I bred, competed in the dog show world for championships......

Second period of life was traveling again with second husband this time to Hawaii where we lived for two years.
We came to Florida with just an address of a small house I had never seen, and my 2nd husband hardly remembered.

I didn't have to work but decided to do something worthwhile besides traveling, and taking care of animals...

Started Therapy Animal Group in Brevard County and this is still ongoing today.

Therapy Animals started my interest in nursing home patients those who couldn't get out, whom had to give up their animals.

Eventually I went fulltime into the health care field. Loved it, never wanted to retire.

Did retire due to a few health annoyances and started playing computer games Civ 2; Civ 4, Neverwinter Nights etc. I started playing multiplayer computer games.
Started to correspond with computer game players I met thru forums. Eventually I decided to find chat rooms.

It has only been a month but I enjoy chatting with friends from all over the world thru the chat room. Didn't realize so many nice people exist.

Pictures are of me when I was working and the second picture is of my family, 3rd (and last) husband at his computer and our two furry children: Casey Papillion & Caleb Shih Tzu.

On this home page, I'll introduce myself and talk about my reasons for wanting a web site. I might put a picture of myself on this page...or just a picture that I especially like.

What's New?

Here I might add an entry whenever I make an update to my web site. Where appropriate, I'll include a link to the change. For example:

11/1/01 - Added new photos to Vacation Album page.




Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.