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Hey fokes. I'm Dallas. No..I'm not from Tx. Dallas is my name. (Smiles)
I was born in the foot hills of The Ozarks,in Southwest Missouri. I was one of them,
no shoes,kind of kid. I spent a lot of time running the hills,loved nature,and still do.
While I was with mom,and Dad, I was also with a Cherokee woman growing up. I spent more
time with her,then at home. It was she that taught me about life,and to give back to what
ever gave to me. She called me,"Watches a Lot." Lol..Guess that's what I did,watched a
lot. Lol...what better way to learn,then to watch.
I'm soft talking,and a non demanding kind of guy. When I was 5,we moved to Wyoming. It was thanks to that move,that i found the skill of art. At the old age of six,I had painted my frist picture. At the age of 9, I wrote my first song,and have been writing songs,and short stories ever since. Back in 82,on my birthday,a whole new kind of art entered my life.
Carving. I started woodcarveing,and have been with that ever since that first day I picked up a carving tool.
The moon and I are friends. Love moon light walks. seems it touches my sole. Spent many nie under the moon. Watching it,and just thinking about things. Mom once told me,has i was brushing her hair. "Dallas? " "Some day your going to make some girl happy. Your touch is has soft has the moon you watch." Lol...well...aaaaa....hum...ok.
Elvis..need I say more? If I was to pick a song,it would be "Falling in Love with you."
You take care,and be safe. See ya in the room