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Bio: Hi, I was born/raised in Nebraska. I raised 3 kids in Nebraska and two of which live out of state and I am fortunate to have one living here. I have 3 grandsons, 2 great grandsons and NO grand daughters. boo hoo. None will be coming either.lol
I was a self employed Beautician / Florist  Now retired.I had a good education in Cosmetology and horticulture and design.  I owned my own shops in the beauty business and as a florist, I took over the family business after my father retired of one of three floral shops. Love flowers .  My parents were business owners in the community and had a large growing business along with flower shops. I have one brother and two sisters . We were very fortunate to have had the privilege of growing up on a large estate with plenty to do.
I moved to California in the 80's and lived in a closed gate community with all the amenities. Golf etc. Lovely mountain community called "Tehachapi". I worked for the windmills there in the office. Wind energy farm.  Very interesting work.
I moved back to Nebraska when my step father passed to help my mother with her home and all the necessary things ,   she is 93 yrs. young.
I am currently taking care of a friend who has terminal cancer and that keeps me busy along with other people who I do favors for as running to grocery store etc. I am in a ladies club and we do luncheons at the members homes monthly  and that is fun. I love people. I have a pet peeve  however of  people  who are" not kind" and just don't get it.  Also  of some one who does not use common sense. I  Love my chat friends and have met many of them and love them all (well most). LOL In my 9 yrs of chatting and computer fun, I have talked with lots of people from other countries and have pen (chat) pals from a senior pen pal site and also "adopt a soldier" with letters to our boys behind the lines. I say I because I am divorced and am happy this way .I live each day as if it were my last . I believe in saying those important things to people today and don't wait till tomorrow.Also give me my flowers to day not after i am gone. That's me.
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