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David and Laura's Love Story

It was getting on in the day and Laura knew she needed to hurry and get dressed. She wanted to be on her way soon. She was very excited about today, always got that way when she was going visiting the old Oak Tree. But today was different, she wanted to look especially nice, As she was looking in the mirror she saw the gray, that was creeping in with her long blond hair. So as to hide it she tied her hair back with a ribbon as if to say, " see that got rid of it." Laura, looked in the mirror and thought not bad, "you still look pretty good and she was wondering, if David, would think, the same thing. She humidly grabbed, her big brimmed hat, the one with the flowers around the brim .. you know, the one that David loved so much. She hurried off and down the path to the old Oak Tree down in the meadow, wondering if he would be there waiting for her. Her beloved David her heart and soul..

Laura stopped and took in her surroundings, the big white fluffy clouds in a otherwise perfect blue sky. They were moving along so fast and she always wondered where they were going. She looked and could see the top of the Oak tree and she knew that she was getting closer, her heart seemed to be racing with excitement as she was wondering if he would be there.. As she reached the crest of the hill and got to the spot where she could look down the other side, her heart skipped a beat, this is the place she loved the most, after all it was the place where David had proposed to her so many years ago. We even made love under that tree and more than once as she giggled, remembering those special times ... under her beloved oak tree.

As she stepped under the tree .. always marveling at the soft cushy feel of the thick grass growing there. So wonderful and cool to lay on. Laura looked out at the moving stream and she was surprised that it wasn't moving quite as fast as she had remembered ... it seemed as if .. even the stream was lingering back and enjoying the wonder of this magical place. As she stepped forward to get a better look the suns reflections across the water caught her in the eye and seemed to blind here temporally. A sun grin popped onto her lovely face as she grimaced and looked away at the tall weeds that seemed to have sunbeams dancing on them. The afternoon bugs was darting all around looking for their afternoon meal and not wanting to become someone Else's. She shuddered at that thought. A soft laugh escaped her as she said, " hurry little bugs fly away .. flay away fast."

All of a sudden she became aware, that she was not alone, and she knew that he was here not only could she smell the wonderful scent of him her body was tingling with that pent up emotions that only David could bring out in her. Very quickly, he closed the gap between them, as he slipped his arms around her she leaned back into him. Neither of them said, "anything at first" ... they were enjoying the feel of their body's .. it was still there the same raw passion that they always enjoyed with each other. With a voice full of emotion he whispered in her ear the words that she had heard every morning of their married life, "I Love you pretty girl." With her breath catching in her throat she whispered back "I Love You Sweetheart." had no sooner had left her throat and she heard herself saying, "David .. David ... David it's so wonderful to be here with you.

David turned her around and gently wet her lips with his tongue and gently pulled on your lower lip ..then as natural as breathing his lips covered hers ...in a wonderfully soft kiss. Already, his fingers was working on her buttons and as he slipped the last garment off her. she stood naked before him, as she had so many times over the years of their marriage. He gently laied her on the soft, thick grass that was so wonderfully sensuous to lay on. His eyes never left her body or hers him... as he stood before her and removed his own clothing. She only had a few seconds to look at this wonderful body that she had idolize all of her adult life.

David quickly lay down beside her.as he gently puled her to him , laying her head on his chest and her hand automatically going to his chest. Her leg draped over him and they were so content to feel each other that they didn't say anything for a few minutes. They both called each others name at the same time .. they startled and started laughing. They had done that so many times before.They were looking at each other with such intense love as his lips close over hers, they never closed their eyes but continue that deep stair into their souls. He seemed to be saying, "Laura it's alright don't worry and do not be scared." Davids kiss intensified and the same old burning desire flooded over them. Some time later, when they were completely satisfied they once again lay quietly. They started talking, "about all their good times and about the children they had brought into this world. Their grandchildren which they seemed to adore as much as their own precious ones. They talked of the good times and the bad feeling the warmth of a life well satisfied. When all of a sudden that burning passion that was between Laura and David all these years was a raw and poignant as ever. In utter Ecstasy the were locked in each other arms for the rest of the afternoon giving and receiving. Laura must have fallen asleep for a few short minutes and when she woke she realized at once David was gone. Her heart fell into deep despair, as she whispered, "David my darling why did you leave me."

She all of a sudden realized that it was getting dark so she hurriedly dressed and was on her way up the path to the home she and David had shared all these many years. She stopped as she reached the back door steps , believing she could not go in there alone she started to feel the tears slide down her face. She opened the back door and slipped into the darkness. She found herself calling out to him in such utter despair, "come back to me David please come back for me." As her tears began to rack her body she realize she was once again not alone. She heard David say, "don't cry pretty girl I'm here for you always." David took Laura into his arms and said, "don't be afraid my darling I have come to take you to be with me forever." And as Laura quietly slipped from this earth, if you listened hard you could hear her soft laughter as she said David, "I love you Sweetheart." Then she looked, in the direction of the old Oak Tree and softly said, "good bye old friend .. I will miss you always."

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