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my friend elsie


 I never met her  face to face ,this i wish had happen.all the bashes i went to she never made one as far i know.
  we became friends in senior site. this was a chatroom at times was nasty. one night some one was rude to elsie .she ps me and said i think i am going to quit this room. I said before you quit chat i got something i want to show you.I gave her the link to my web site and show her the chat room i was adding to it.she fell in love with it.,and ask can we keep it clean?i said you can because you got the hammer. you run it , you got trouble you do not want to deal with, tell me.. they would be gone.
     Elsie was the heart and soul of that room.. She was there every day , I could not have done it  the way she did. As far i knew she never baned or kicked any body out of that room.  If any body gave her problems they got on my dark side.
due to work i got pulled away from the room ,but elsie stood tall,she was there every day.
   Elsie is the best friend i ever had ,most loyal friend that i Never met. when or if she leaves  this world i will feel bad ,i have just lost my best internet friend.
 I did and still do care about her.           
                                                         splitfinger-robert holly



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